Birth time rectification

BTR (Birth Time Rectification)

As we all know Astrology is a Super Science with logical approach.
It is a study of movement of celestial bodies, specially in Vedic Astrology we looks upon 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn) and 2 non physical bodies Rahu and Ketu).
A time when a person takes birth, we calculate the positions of 9 grah in 12 rashis (from Aries to Pisces). But the time should be accurate to predict the events for that person.
We require very precise birth date for casting the birth chart.

Each human being has a unique personality, distinct circumstances, and dissimilar experiences in life, so while doing prediction we need the accurate time of chart otherwise the prediction and remedies wouldn't work and the person feels cheated by an immature Astrologer.

In Ancient text of Astrology we have different combinations to rectify the birth time, but as we all know in that era this science was in limited hands and they were blessed with Siddhis and good intuitive powers.
In present time any one can study Astrology and most of us are lacking in attaining Siddhis and intuitive powers.
Through calculation via trial and error, we can ascertain the time of birth by matching events with main kundli chart and divisional charts.

So far this is the best technique to get accurate BTR.

Take an example...👇

Now if some one is asking for quality of marriage with he/she tied up with and M.D and A.D dasha has connection with lagna or 7H, 7thL in D1 and the Karka is Venus is also good in position in D1 but in D9 the same karka Venus is severely in affliction of malefics and also not well placed, it degrades the quality of a marriage so here again the divisonal charts play a significant role in getting results with accuracy. 
If here the time was not accurate the results could be unfair for the person.