Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology
Amalgamation of medicine and mathematics with the Science of the stars has been a promising methodology since ancient times for predicting disease at individual and community level.
The MATSYA PURANA says aarogyam bhashkaradichhet- meaning Sun is the giver of good health. Likewise , the RIGVEDA and ATHARVAVEDA mention the benefits of the rays of the rising Sun in curing various ailments.Needless to say,Modern research methods have proved the benefits of sunlight, that corroborates the ancient wisdom.
The Great Plague of 1665, had been correctly predicted by Richard Edlyn through an important astronomical event known as the great conjunction of the two superior planets Saturn and Jupiter.
Years of research, thus, has shown the role of astrology in the diagnosis , prognosis and treatment of patients. The static promise at the time of birth in a natives chart can indicate , the natives predisposition to certain disease. When such a predisposition shall manifest in his life is the role of the dynamic promise through various dasha systems and transit.
So what exactly is our aim?
Medical astrology aims to equip people to handle the impending health issues thus taking necessary steps towards disease prevention through lifestyle modification in accordance with the modern medicine.
We at DEV VAANI ASTRO SOLUTIONS , have a team of Medical doctors who are astrologers as well .They would provide a well in advance prediction for diseases, based on your horoscope.