Vastu- A harmonious balance with the five elements (Jal, Prithvi, Agni, Vayu ,Aakash) of nature through the Art Of Structure.
For the happiness and prosperity of human being our Sages and Rishis developed the science of Vastu. Thousands of years ago they explained this art, the synchronization of five elements for a better living as well as the better environment.
Today we find people living in modern buildings are becoming ill with chronic disease due to many reasons like- technology, material we use while construction and interior designing, environment, our life style etc.
                                       But the ignorance of Vastu principles plays a major role. The modern buildings constructed and designed with the Ancient Art Of Structure (Vastu) leads to a happy and healthy living. Vastu helps in improving the overall environment of your house, office, Shop etc. and a happy environment brings good health and prosperity.   
The eight main directions play an important role in planning and construction of structure for human beings. The directions and planets jointly influence the earth and human beings. Vastu shastra has the different impact on the life of every person and when we analyse these directions with the reference to the horoscope of a native, the results indicate the clear picture.

Here at Dev vaani we promise to give genuine and honest advice with the combined study of Vastu Shastra and Astrology.