Purana's helping us in our lives

                 Puranas helping us in our lives

Our sages were not only prudent, but they were far sighted and determined to help us so that we can live our lives in the best harmonious way with nature. Our different puranas give us different guidelines on living a god life and also enlist various ways to attract happiness, love and prosperity from nature.
Some of the easiest and doable acts are:
Benefits of planting different kind of trees
Ashoka tree: - can eliminate grief.
Mango tree: - fulfillment of desires
Berry tree: - brings prosperity.
Bilva tree: - grants long life
Palash tree: - gives a good wife.
Banyan tree: - gives liberation.
Kadamba tree: - good luck
Pomegranate tree: - adds pleasure.

Important rituals given in our Puranas
Ekadashi is the eleventh day of the lunar fortnight. That day Saligram’s abhishekam is done and prayers are offered to Sri Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi. One can fast on that day and feed the brahmans.
Another important vrata is Pournamsya vrat, performed on the full moon day. Prayers should be offered to Sri Vishnu and Ma Lakshmi. Anybody can perform this fast.
Dhawajarohana, a flag is hoisted on the top of Vishnu temple. It can be done on a Shukla paksha Ekadashi. When this flag flutters due to the wind, the sins of the hoister are forgiven.

Important tirth-sthans explained in our scriptures.
Kubjamraka:- Modern day Rishikesh…. The place where Sri Vishnu appeared in the form of a mango tree. A visit to this place is as good as offering a gift of thousand cows.
Mathura: - favorite place of Sri Hari. Living presence of Sri Krishna can be felt there.
Other important places are Manasa, Maya, Kurukshetra, Pushkar etc.
Vratas: -Depending upon the day, star position and the month, various vrata can be performed.
E.g.    On the first lunar day of Kartik, Aswin, Chaitra worship of brahma is given.

Gayatri Mantra :-   It is the most powerful mantra. Before doing Japa of any other mantra, it is imperative that gayatri is chanted.
I have tried to give a glimpse of the ways given in our puranas to lead a happy and harmonious life.