Importance of Astrology


In today's modern  and materialistic world, with so much of technical advancement, we human beings feel trapped in a rat race to achieve material success. All of us at one point of time, face the following  question : -

How to live life? How to face life? and finally, How to conquer life?

Astrology is a ray of light, for those who are groping in the dark, struggling to find  answers to their own questions about life. A very  few  individuals struggle to achieve higher goals  in life  like [nirvana] or inner peace. And yet a few mortals still struggle  with basic problems like  family, unemployment, debt, disease etc. For  some individuals , to whom god has been kind, their basic needs fulfilled, the question of name, fame, power and position become more important,

Thus Astrology or Jyotisha can be used  by individuals for :- .

(i) future planning.
(ii) Enrichment of life
(iii) Maximising efforts towards getting positive results.

Astrology is useful in innumerable ways.  Some of them are listed below :-

1)  It can be used to predict mundane events.

2)  An astrologer can give guidance and to counselling to young students  regarding which Vocation to choose and also bring  harmony  in what one loves to do and what one is actually doing.

3)  Astrologers guide parents in upbringing of children in the complexities of the present world.

4)  Astrologers can give guidance for professions, in choosing correct line of work, pointing out periods of rise and fall, also pin point when an individual will receive his or her first salary.

5)  Astrologers can time a marriage correctly for a happy life ahead and also for parents to plan the marriage ahead.

(6)  An Astrologer can guide an individual,  who is a seeker of spiritual life, when the time is suitable so that one has enough savings, for the times which are unfavourable.

It is true, that an honest astrologer can be of immense value to the changing society of our times. Most of the astrologers  who study this great science of Jyotisha have only limited knowledge due to the  vastness and great depth of this sacred knowledge . One reason can be that it was revealed by lord  “Brahma”  himself to the great Seers. And from there descends this divine knowledge to us..